The Galaxy

It is 7 BBY. The Empire is seemingly unstoppable: a juggernaut of economic power, military might, and cultural dominance. Most people just try to get by, even as memories of the Jedi and of the Republic begin to recede further into their minds. In the coming years things may change, but for now Rebellion is seen as the providence of the desperate and the mad. Yet even in this repressive society, at the fringes and frayed edges of Palpatine's domain opportunities for profit and advancement exist for those bold enough to seize them.

Meanwhile on the edge of the Middle Rim…

Arion, crown of the Ujali's Saber star cluster, seems far away from such concerns. It is thought of as a world where careers end and where legends go to sleep. Yet Arion still clings to relevance as one of the lesser gateways to Hutt space and its value as a producer of pharmaceuticals and alloy/chemical production (Baradium and Durinium among them)…


Arion and its sister stars are a place of unparraleled beauty, wealth, and possibility, but their history is a fractious one governed by factional strife and paralyzed by a lack of vision. Whether against the Empire, or to chart its own course, the Saber needs an example: it needs heroes.

The how of it all? Thats your job.


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